Going to Bed Early

Tips for Choosing a Doctor

15 September

Choosing a doctor is a serious decision which should not be rushed. It’s important to do your research so as to find the one that’s right for you and your individual needs. Here are a few tips which may help you with this challenging process. Go for a consultation One of the most effective ways […]

Exercise and Diabetes: 2 Important Things to Consider

11 July

If you are affected by diabetes, it’s probably already been suggested to you that exercise can help you to manage your condition. Before you hit the gym or head to the tennis court, there are two very important aspects of exercising with diabetes that you need to be aware of. 1. Your Blood Sugar Levels  […]

Sleep Apnoea Solutions: Can Oil Pulling Help?

14 June

Sleep apnoea can be caused by various problems, all of which typically block your airways and affect your breathing while you are asleep. In some cases, this condition is triggered by nasal congestion or infections that prevent you from breathing smoothly. If your sleep apnoea is caused by these kinds of problems, oil pulling may […]

What to Eat After Heart Bypass Surgery

27 May

If you’ve recently had heart bypass surgery, it’s important to come up with a healthy eating plan going forward. Eating the right foods, as well as getting some exercise, will really play a part in your healing process.  For a few weeks after your surgery, there is a good chance that you won’t feel very […]

5 Early Signs That You Could Be Developing a Gum Disease

03 May

One of the most common causes of tooth loss is periodontal disease. However, many people fail to realise that there is a problem because the gum disease may progress without causing any dental discomfort in the individual. This article discusses some of the possible signs of gum disease that you should be on the lookout […]

Simple Guidelines on Managing and Treating Ankle Sprains

18 April

There are diverse injuries that you can sustain when performing your normal activities. One of the most common injuries is an ankle sprain, and it often occurs when you twist your foot when walking or running. Basically, the sprain is associated with the stretching or even complete tearing of the ankle ligament. This is the […]

No Need To Bleed: Working With Your Vet To Treat Your Greyhound’s Thrombocytopenia

30 March

Greyhounds have a number of unique genetic mutations that make their breed so distinctive, and indeed a greyhound’s unique genetic makeup is what makes them such excellent racers (not to mention pets). However, some of these distinctive traits are not quite so charming as others. Greyhounds tend to have a significantly lower amount of platelets […]

Important Factors To Consider Before Home Health Care

17 March

The need for home health care requires considerable adjustments to your schedule and home environment. It’s important to make necessary preparation so that you can have an easy time undergoing treatment. Below are major factors to consider, either you are the one receiving home care or a family member of yours.  Duration of Care The […]

Tips to Embarking On Your Own Weight Loss Cleanse

23 February

There are various reasons that people would choose to cleanse their bodies. These could range from losing weight to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if you are looking for an ideal way to embark on your weight loss journey, then a cleanse would be a great place to start. This is because the process not […]

The Top 3 Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

10 February

Hypnotherapy refers to a form of psychotherapy in which someone is helped to overcome his or her challenges (such as depression) by instilling new thought patterns while that person is in a deeply relaxed state. Many people would benefit from this type of therapy, but they hesitate because they may have several misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy. […]